A patients narration of his experience on bariatric surgery
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Ask any person to look back over the events of his/her life and chances are there will be a “life turning point” of one kind or another. I write this note on one such turning point in my life. I had been struggling with obesity since a decade. I had tried almost everything from fancy diets to slimming centers promising the moon with no success. I had been reading about bariatric surgery and how a lot of people like me have been cured of obesity through this procedure. To make matters worse, I was detected to have hypertension (I am young and only 33 years old). I was told by my Doctors that my blood pressure is directly related to my obesity and that I need lifelong medication. At a time when I was unsure if I had to go ahead with the bariatric surgery, there was one assuring hand which held mine and said Its all going to be finet was the hand of Dr.Tom Babu- a leading bariatric surgeon and the head of the bariatric team at Silverline hospital. He put me through the bariatric coordinator of the hospital, Mrs. Jane. She noticed I was quite apprehensive about the knife but her assurance made me feel that probably this would be the best choice for me.

Having battled with a lot of exercise regimes and faddiets, I realized I could not keep my BMI at check and slowly my health was seeing a decline too. So if you ask me, “Did I choose the easy way?”, the answer would be “yes “and “no”. Yes because I realized the only way I could stop my weight gain is lessen my food intake and I could not find a better way to do it. “No” because it was not just the body weight/ obesity that I was battling, I had to bring down my BP, Cholesterol and BMI simultaneously.

June 30th 2015 was the day I was admitted in the Silver Line hospital and on the 1st of July 2015 the surgery was performed under the leadership of Dr.Vivek (Chief Bariatric Surgeon) and Dr.Rajesh (Senior Anesthetist). I had my brother as my bystander but the hospital staffs were no less than my family. The Surgery was completed in less than 2 hours and I was back in my room in less than 24 hours from surgery. The whole experience was as described to me by Dr. Tom and his team. It was much simpler than I imagined and I was on my way home on the third day post surgery with almost no scars or plasters on my body.


Now I feel a new side of me has been unleashed and as I set for my journey back to Dubai, I would like to once again thank the doctors and staffs of Silver line hospital- Dr.Tom Babu, Dr.Vivek, Dr.Rajesh, Dr.Lakshmi,Dr.Manoj. The Nurses – Tinsy, Mexy, Manju, Shymol, Jincy,Sajna,Tintu, Ancy, Aldrin and Lijosh and of course  Mrs.Jane Jiby.


If ever bariatric surgery has crossed your mind, I recommend you talk to these specialists because the confidence and trust on your side is essential for a successful outcome.


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