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Breaking News Artificial Pancreas to hit market soon
By Dr. Lakshmi Babu| 0 Comments

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of our immune system where our own cells mistakenly attacks and destroys the insulin producing beta cells in our body.Insulin takes glucose from the food into the cells for its energy needs.People with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus thus need to replace insulin with multiple insulin injections or through an insulin pump. Either too much or too little insulin can be dangerous with even deadly consequences.The good news is that researchers at University of Cambridge have managed to formulate an artificial pancreas.This device combines a continuous glucose monitoring system with an insulin pump along with a sophisticated algorithm that tells the device when to pump and when to stop.The system calculates the insulin doses and administers it through the pump (based on the information provided by the continuous glucose monitoring system). Some insulin pumps deliver only insulin whereas some deliver both insulin and glucagon (which helps to raise blood sugar levels in hypoglycemia).Trials are already on in both adults and children since 2013.This has raised the hope that an artificial pancreas may soon be available in the market making the management of Type 1 Diabetes easier for the patient,family, the treating physician, and diabetologist aswell.


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