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Does coffee consumption reduce the risk of diabetes?
By Dr. Tom Babu, MD DNB (Endo)| 0 Comments

It was earlier thought that drinking coffee can somehow protect against developing diabetes. Studies have now shown that drinking coffee (caffeinated) can increase the levels of circulating insulin. Does this mean that "caffeine" produces insulin resistance (by increasing the stress hormones in the body) which can then in due course lead to diabetes mellitus. The fasting blood sugar levels in these people however did not increase despite the increase in insulin levels. This could mean two things; a ) the study period was too short and if was extended for a while longer would have shown the blood sugar rising in people consuming a lot of coffee, b) It could also mean that the caffeine can increase insulin production independently which is a good thing and can protect against diabetes. Taken together, it may be reasonable to assume that "Coffee" in moderation can do no harm but in excess may be counterproductive. There is also no evidence to suggest that drinking coffee can prevent diabetes.


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