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World Diabetes Day 2016 message by Dr. Tom Babu
By Dr. Tom Babu, MD DNB (Endo)| 2 Comments

Dear Readers,
This years World Diabetes Day message is "Eyes on Diabetes". It revolves around; a) effective screening for a early diagnosis of the disease, b) early screening for diabetes related complications. At Silverline Hospital , one of the best diabetes hospital in Kerala, has taken this message seriously and are doing everything in our power to enact it. To this end we have launched the "SILVER SWEET" program which is program aimed at bringing sunshine back to our patients lives. This program has "patient engagement" at the heart of it. People who register for this yearly program will get a complete diabetes evaluation (package) plus periodic blood tests and 4 consultations with free glucometer while signing up. They are also provided with a "Life in Control"App which helps them stay connected with the diabetes care team, 24X7. Monthly enrichment activities like cookery shows, fitness sessions, group walks, flash mobs, etc will be conducted for people in this program. In order to engage maximum number of people, we have subsidised the costs heavily making it affordable to most of our patients. Please watch the space below for the details of SILVER SWEET. We believe strongly that the way forward in tackling this silent killer is by engaging our patients closely.  Jai Hind.


Posted by V.M.K.Raman. on April  Wed, 2017, 10:16 PM

Although I am not diagnosed with hypoglycemic condition, would like to join the programme,if well within affordable limits,as I believe that prevention is a wise option than struggling to treat and cure.

Posted by NANDAKUMAR MADHAVAN PILLAI on April  Thu, 2017, 03:21 PM

It will be helpful if you can inform the subsidized cost of the programme SILVER SWEET. Thank you.

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