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Diabetes Management Guidelines 2017 by American Diabetes Association
By Dr. Tom Babu, MD DNB (Endo)| 3 Comments

The year 2017 has witnessed significant changes in out understanding of diabetes and its treatment. Based on these inputs, American Diabetes Association (ADA) has drawn up guidelines. The guidelines focus on diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in order to help improve outcomes for people of all ages with type 1 or type 2 diabetes

The main recommendation for patients are;

*** Sleep pattern and duration assessment to be done as a part of comprehensive diabetes care. This is because sleep disturbances mainly due to snoring (obstructive sleep apnoea- OSA) can adversely affect diabetes control.

*** Prolonged sitting should be interrupted every 30 minutes with short bouts of physical activity. This applies to non diabetic individuals as well where studies have shown that short bursts of physical activity can prevent/delay diabetes. In diabetic individuals this can help better manage the disease.

*** Diabetics are advised to factor in the fat and proteins content in their food  (fat and protein counting) while calculating their insulin dose. We were earlier relying only on carbohydrate counting while calculating the insulin doses. The current thinking is that "fat may be new sugar" and has to addressed while planning treatment for diabetes.

*** People taking Metformin (which is the first line of treatment in the management of diabetes) should be screened for Vitamin B12 deficiency periodically. The should be effectively treated if found deficient.

A tool to know the risk scoring for the general public has been introduced. You can now assess the risk of developing diabetes by going to "". As one of the leading diabetes hospital in Kerala we are keenly observing these guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and management of diabetes.


Posted by Rajan on March  Fri, 2017, 12:03 AM

Indeed very informative , especially effect of sleep pattern on diabetes and vit B 12 deficiency in people taking Metformin - Thanks

Posted by Jessiegob on September  Sat, 2017, 09:40 AM

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Posted by logansinc on December  Thu, 2017, 07:21 PM

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