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A tryst with the horrors of a Diabetic Foot Infection
By Mr. Appukuttan Vallukunnel, Former chief editor of Deshabimani| 1 Comments

Being diabetic for over two decades, I never realised it is more than what we actually make it to be. It is a disease where your blood sugar levels start to rise. To live with the disease, one needs to have regular medicine, check-up, diet control, exercises etc. An increasing strength of the tablets and dosages of insulin injections would be required to stay on top of this disease . Google it out you will find “....diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin.....” and many more definitions.

After living with this irritant evil for more than 20 years, I recently faced a horrible experience. This landed me in a state of physical and mental fix. This made me realise how ignorant I was about this most horrible disease hidden in a sweet coating of ‘sugar’. 

It was pain under the left foot which I ignored at the first sight but forced a sitting with the doctor. This was followed by scanning, admission in the hospital, biopsy, urgent laboratory interventions and investigations. A red alert was sounded about a fungal and bacterial ‘terrorist’ which had crept into my body. I finally landed in Silverline Hospital under the treatment of Dr. Tom Babu and his team. I had to undergo tragic experience of a surgery and a follow up skin grafting on the background of a sinister and severe vertigo.  This  confined me to bed in  hospital and at home for several months. A mentally agile and physically active person like me became a helpless and hapless patient. My active life came crashing down, crippling me, being depended on someone or anyone to get up and do my daily chores. I cannot  still believe  how  I surpassed those sleepless nights in the hospital bed and the various experiences of my life running like a movie real on the ceiling without sleep throughout the night. And now, I write this small note of my experience I strongly feel this is undoubtedly a rebirth, no doubt.   

I owe my humble gratitude for my miraculous recovery  to the top diabetologist in kochi , Dr. Tom Babu and his wonderful meticulously and professionally coordinated team of the Silverline hospital including my surgeon Dr. A K Bhatt,  caring nurses and the devoted staff of  Podiatry, various professional segments from OP to Lab and security and attending persons like Mr. Unni to Mr. Radhakrishnan.

It is not only the medicines but the psychological moral support by one of the best diabetic speciality hospital in Kochi & the team, the care and love of my family members and friends who were major source of support ordeal.  I was actually confronting this dangerous disease called "diabetes"which is as lethal and dreadful like Cancer, Cardiac arrest etc. It can lead one to unimaginable misery, to his activities, his family and even his very existence!!

I realise now how dangerous it is neglect one’s foot.  It has taken me to school; without footwear, through rough pebbles, thorny slushy pathways, wet soil and running rivulets. It has strongly held and stood against all odds of my life. But a small neglect has landed me in great trouble.  

When I say it is a rebirth, these were the days where I evaluated my life critically and took a resolution to complete the unfinished task  of my life for the benefit of  society with further vigour and dedication. From hindsight, I feel this has been a blessing in disguise. These are the days when I was really educated on how to live well with diabetes. I feel that our society should be  more aware,  especially the younger generation. The Government also has a special role to play in this. An occasional dialogue between patients, doctors and representatives of authorities and media will be a welcome step towards this end. This news letter of Silverline Hospital is a welcome step to that direction.  

 It is a honour for an ordinary person like me to be with eminent doctors and professionals and practitioners   to speak out my humble view on such a subject.  Thank you for that. 


Posted by Toby on March  Sun, 2017, 05:26 AM

Good tips. But nothing is better than being real in social media

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