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Does diet have a role to play in Bariatric Surgery
By Ms. Hannah Sheila Mathison| 0 Comments

Yes, diet has a major role in contributing to the overall outcome of bariatric surgery. The nutritionist and diabetologist help in charting out the diet plan prior to and after the surgery. Healthy eating maintains the overall health status of the individual even after the surgery.

Diet before and after Bariatric surgery

Diet before surgery -The pre surgery diet is a low calorie diet which includes semi – solid foods and liquids.

Limited quantity of food

Increased frequency of intake

Consists of low calorie feeds like porridges, juices, soups and so on.

This aids in weight loss prior to the surgery.

Diet after surgery -his is a gradual process as it involves a “new” stomach. Food has to be introduced gradually as mentioned below.

Clear Liquid Diet (for a few days after surgery)

Mashed / Blended Diet (for a fortnight)

Soft / Semi – Solid Diet

Normal Diet - High calorie foods are restricted or avoided.

The tolerance to different foods depends on each individual. Food should be eaten at a slow pace and chewed well. The low calorie diet with a small frequent meal pattern is to be followed thereafter.



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