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PATIENT SPEAK How I keep my blood sugar well controlled.
By Sasidharan PK| 10 Comments

Dear Sir,

Body constitution of people being distinctly different, the approach to treatment of chronic ailments such as diabetes also may have to be tailor made to suit each individual.I have been living with diabetes for 25 years now. I felt that my fellow diabetic patients may learn from my vast experience in keeping the disease under control with a combination of diet and exercise. My blood sugar levels as indicated by my HBA1c have always been below 7 % for the past several years. Though I cannot claim that I have been strictly monitoring my blood sugar levels till my retirement, the availability of time and leisure after my retirement has helped me to have a check on my fluctuating blood sugar levels more closely with the help of eminent diabetologists at Silverline Hospital near my residence at Kochi. My latest readings of blood sugar testify the efficacy of medication combined with the intake of some raw vegetables three times a day. I would like to share with my fellow diabetic patients the kind of additional diet regime that was introduced as a part of diabetes treatment with some positive results. Apart from the medicines prescribed, I started taking a pulverized form of five gooseberries, some raw turmeric, a little fenugreek and 1 stalk of curry leaves on empty stomach in the morning.

Five minutes prior to lunch, 5 ivy gourds, half a tomato, half a salad cucumber, half a carrot and a small piece of ash gourd, in a pulverized form is taken. The quantity of rice taken for lunch is restricted along with a large portion of cooked vegetables. Though the Diabetologist advised frequent snacking, this is often missed out for want of urge to do so. Prior to supper, the same quantity of pulverized vegetables as taken at noon is consumed.
With this diet pattern along with the medication, my blood sugar readings touched almost the normal levels indicated for a diabetic patient in general. The medication that is taken along with this diet is not mentioned here because it has to be strictly advised by a qualified diabetologist.
This letter may be considered as an attempt to share my personal experience with my fellow diabetic patients.


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