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i-Port to the rescue of insulin users
By Dr. Tom Babu, MD DNB (Endo)| 1 Comments

As a part of Diabetic treatment, Diabetics usually dread the word “insulin” because the needle that comes with it. Let us face it, we are all needle phobic and injections are not a pleasant thing. Diabetics needing insulin are on various insulin regimens (once daily to multiple time during the day). Studies have shown that diabetics skip insulin often because of the inconvenience involved. Skipping insulin can adversely affect the blood sugar control. The introduction of the new “i- Port” from medtronic has definitely made life easier for our diabetic patients who dread the “I” word. This is a flexible cannula that gets inserted under the skin and is connected to a port which sits on top of it. The injections are given into the port (and not on to the skin directly) making it very convenient to diabetics on insulin. The port can be kept on the skin for a total of 3 days and a total of 72 injections can be given into the port. The port can be worn all the time (during bathing, exercise, etc). It has been shown to be very safe in large studies and port site infections are extremely rare but have been reported. It is certainly going to change the way our diabetics view insulin and reduce the number of missed doses because of the needle phobia.

i- port after insertion 

i-port after insertion

How injections do not pierce the skin with the i-port 

i-port injections



Posted by Malini Menon on December  Mon, 2016, 09:10 AM

Needle phobic people like me will still be wary of the needle even if it is not pricking you. This is a sure improved and easy way for insulin users.. But I have read that a likelihood of a patch to control diabetes my be the latest. That would mean a revolution. .

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