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Is Bariatric Surgery a cure for Diabetes
By Dr. Tom Babu| 0 Comments

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2 Diabetes) is a progressive disease. It is very difficult to control the disease with existing list of medication that we have today (both oral medication as well as insulin). The risk of blood sugar slipping dangerously low (hypoglycaemia) and weight gain limit their efficacy. Simply put, it is very difficult to mimic the job of the pancreas (which is to produce insulin appropriately) artificially with medication or insulin. In moderately to severe obese diabetes patients, Bariatric surgery has become the treatment of choice all over the world to treat diabetes (Surgical Treatment for Diabetes).

Various studies done across the world is obese diabetic patients show a 80-90 % cure (remission) of diabetes. The results (cure of diabetes) is slightly better with Gastric Bypass when compared to Gastric sleeve resection (the two most commonly done procedures). The weight loss from both these surgeries are almost identical. This difference is primarily because the former procedure improves the insulin production and insulin sensitivity to better degree than the latter. The cure/ improvement in the diabetes profile is sustained for a minimum of 10 years and longer. The diabetes care is seen the very second the surgery is over, suggesting that it is independent of weight loss.Once surgical cure for diabetes is achieved, there is no need to fear low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) or weight gain any more. These people can therefore lead near normal lives (most of them without medication or insulin).


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