Know Your Gastric Bypass Surgery
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It is also known as Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery. Here a major part of stomach and proximal small intestine are bypassed (as shown in the cartoon below). Food then directly (by passing major part of the stomach and small intestine) enters the distal part of small intestine. This is called a malabsorptive procedure because by bypassing the stomach and parts of the small intestine, the absorption of nutrients is prevented. The remaining part of the stomach is left behind. It is important to note the following facts of BYPASS Surgery.

Following facts of BYPASS Surgery

Slightly better weight loss

when compared to Sleeve Gastrectomy


resolution of obesity related illnesses (like Diabetes)

higher incidence of problems like Dumping syndrome and nutritional deficiencies

Also life long medications and monitoring needed

Usually offered as option

 Major part of stomach and intestine being bypassed
Who should choose Gastric Bypass Surgery over Sleeve Gastrectomy?

People who have BMI over 45
   Long standing Diabetic patients who require large quantities of Insulin
   Who would like to be liberal with their food intake (at the risk of dumping)   

   Who do not get good results with Gastric Sleeve resection (very rarely)



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