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What do our patients talk about us ?
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Patient testimonials mean a lot to us. Clark Prika, from New Zeland was one of those heaviest patients that we did a Bariartic or Weight Reduction Surgery to regain his life.  Read ahead to know about his experiences with Silverline Hospital and its services.

"Kia ora, my name is Clark Pirika from Rotorua, Aotearoa NZ and I’m 54 years old.  I have been a big guy all my adult life but continued playing all kinds of sport which is an important part of who I am.  During my 20’s and early 30’s, my weight fluctuated between 130kg - 150kg which I could manage easily.

I suffered a back injury playing rugby in 1992, so was bed-ridden for nearly 6 months and my weight ballooned to 190kgs.  After recovering from this setback, I tried everything to get back to fighting fit state but what used to be simple for me now became progressively harder.  I did all the diets known to man and would lose a little bit and gain a lot more. Typical yo-yo syndrome.  By the time I turned 48, I had peaked at 239kgs and now I had arthritis in my knees, hip and back to contend with.

Around 2012, my father could see what was happening and he encouraged me to go down the bariatric route but I resisted.  I wanted to do it the ‘old school’ way and so I did a number of 1/4 and 1/2 IronMāori events to keep me active and did a lot of swimming.  Food was my downfall.

Dad continued to convince me to try the surgical path, however in 2017, my life changed.  I lost my Dad and my health had deteriorated to where walking was now too hard and I was taking a lot of medication to manage the pain and now added to the mix, high blood pressure.

After a number of meetings with various people in Rotorua to discuss bariatric surgery, I received a call from Dr Tom Babu based out of Silverline Hospital, in Kochi India.
I asked him a number of questions and he was able to dispel any myth that was in my head.

Fast forward to April 2018, my wife (and my support) Kirstin and I, plus my cousin who was supported by my Uncle, travelled to Kochi to undergo this new journey.  It was very much a whānau (family) affair.

We were met and greeted by Dr Tom Babu and his outstanding staff.  They made the experience so comfortable and although my wife and uncle were in a supporting role, they were well looked after and well fed too.  This was important for my cousin and I to know they were being looked after.

Silverline’s Hospital pre-op check is very comprehensive, to ensure we’re actually good for the surgical procedure, or not.  So folks, it’s not a given.  You need to do some work before flying across the other side of the world for this surgical procedure. 

Post surgery is when Dr Tom and his team really came to the fore.  The nursing team are without peer and the surgical team were outstanding.  So much so, my cousin was walking around a day after her surgery and I followed suit 2 days later.

Language was not a barrier either and with Dr Tom Babu at the helm, he was able to talk through any detail in a way that I could understand.  And everyone was so friendly and accomodating.

My whānau and I are preparing to return home as I write this testimonial and we appreciate Dr Tom and his professional team so very much, for their tautoko (support), aroha (love) and manaakitanga (hospitality and care) provided to my whānau and I.
Because of my father’s sage advice, my cousin and I are ready to undertake our new journey to an improved and better life.  I may even lace up my rugby boots one last time …. who knows?

He mihi maioha,
Clark Pirika




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