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Physiotherapy Hastens the Outcome of Bariatric Individuals
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While working with bariatric patients for weight management prior to the surgical procedure and post operative follow up; physiotherapists get to use all their skill. These are wide ranging from musculoskeletal to respiratory systems. Physical activity adherence aids weight loss significantly; outside the surgery per se and dietary habits.

Pre op period-The majority of preoperative patients are both inactive and highly sedentary. Hence recommend

Mild exercise including aerobic conditioning and respiratory training 
Light resistance training  (both 20 minutes /day; 3 – 4 days/week, to be initiated 2weeks prior to surgery)
This regime prior to surgery improves,

Reduces the risk of surgical complications
Facilitate wound healing 
Enhances post-operative recovery

Post op period-Depending on the prior fitness level; patients are encouraged to walk from the very 1  day after surgery. The post operative benefits of exercise are

You will lose more weight
Superior physical and mental health
The regime includes
Low impact exercise (2 – 4 weeks after surgery)
Aerobic exercise and cardiac conditioning(1 – 3 months after surgery)
Strength training (4 months after surgery)
At the end of the day, compliance to dietary, behavioral and exercise recommendations will dictate the success of long term weight loss and maintenance following Bariatric surgery .


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