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My Success Story with Bariatric Surgery at Silverline hospital
By Mrs Kaveri, 36 years| 0 Comments

I have struggled with my weight for long years. Because of my overweight, I was at risk of developing various health problems. Also I felt uncomfortable to be with my friends and relatives. It was as if life was passing by and I was merely existing. I was just getting bigger and then I made the decision to do something to get rid-off my overweight and get my life back. I started searching for the best obesity treatment hospital in Kerala. I was impressed with the patient reviews about Silverline hospital, especially the one by Emma Reid from UK who had undergone Gastric Sleeve Surgery at this hospital. I also found many foreigners are coming to Silverline for bariatric treatments. Finally I choose Silverline hospital in Kochi for my treatment. 

After having my first consultation with the doctors at Silverline, I knew this was the path for me. They educated me all the aspects about the bariatric surgery and were always available to answer questions or talk. The people at Silverline walked me through the steps I needed to get started. All staff in the hospital took great care of me. After the surgery, I started losing weight right away. I am strictly following the diet and exercise recommendations from doctors. Today I present myself as a confident young woman surrounded by loving friends and family. I am so glad for choosing Silverline for my bariatric surgery. The total bariatric surgery cost here was also affordable for my family. Weight loss surgery was life-changing and I would like to recommend Silverline Hospital for those who are looking for best bariatric hospital in Kerala.


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