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By Dr. Tom Babu, MD, DNB (Endo)| 0 Comments

Greetings from Silverline Hospital, Kochi. We at Silverline Hospital one of the diabetic care centre, Kochi strongly believe that the most effective way to fight diabetes is through education. In this pursuit, we bring you this news letter which is meant to help create awareness about diabetes and bring you up to date with the disease. This comes to you free of cost and will be send to you once in every month.

You can also refer your friends or relatives by sending us their e mail ids so that we can send this to them as well. This edition of the news letter talks about a disturbing trend in diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes) today.
We are beginning to see younger faces presenting with this disease; the average age today is between  30 to 35 years.It is also seen that these youngsters have a more severe form of the diabetes requiring multiple medication at diagnosis itself. A higher incidence of hypertension and obesity in these youngsters often worsen the situation. Complications of diabetes; affecting eyes, kidney, nerves and the heart set in early in life.

This would adversely affect them during their most productive years. This trend of diabetes occurring in younger individuals puts the spot light on more intensive diabetes treatment in order preserve the function of the pancreas. This not only involves making an early diagnosis but also a more aggressive approach with life style modification and treatment. This edition of the news letter also has a recipe corner with a diet tip which I think will be useful to our readers. We have added a column for patients to share their view points on effective real life management of diabetes. Please feel free to write  to us if you have any suggestion on the news letter so that we can strive to improve it as we move along.


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