Thyroid dysfunction and Diabetes : very commonly seen together
By Dr. Tom Babu, MD DNB (Endo)| 0 Comments

A very close association exists between thyroid dysfunction and diabetes. Studies have shown that it can be as common as 31.4 % (more commonly seen in women) in diabetics. Hypothyroidism (Low thyroid levels) can cause both low and high blood sugar values while hyperthyroidism (high thyroid levels) can present with very high blood sugar levels (diabetic emergencies). This could primarily because of fact that the thyroid dysfunction can produce insulin resistance (prevents the action of insulin in our body). Thyroid dysfunction is also seen to worsen heart related complications in diabetic patients. This phenomenon is because of increased cholesterol levels seen with hypothyroidism. Low thyroid levels (hypothyroidism) also affect the blood vessels to the heart and can adversely effect the pumping of the heart. Thyroid Treatment effectively will help in diabetes control and also help to prevent heart disease in diabetics. This makes it important to screen for thyroid dysfunction yearly in diabetic patients in order to pick up thyroid abnormalities early. 


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