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What are benefits of Bariatric Surgery
By Dr. G. Vivekanand| 0 Comments

What are benefits of Bariatric Surgery?

We can divide these broadly into health benefits and economic benefits as a result of the surgery.

Health Benefits

1) Overall death rate (due to any cause)is reduced decreased by 40% in patients undergoing surgery. In other words, obese people who loose significant weight after the surgery tend to live longer

2) Marked improvement in Obesity related illnesses

a) Diabetes Rapid decrease in serum blood sugar immediately after surgery

 80 to 90 % people get cured of diabetes
 Decrease in diabetes medication (orals and insulin) in those who are not cured
 Inhibits progression of diabetes (diabetes otherwise always progresses)

b) Hypertension 50% of patients achieve complete cure  25% will be able to reduce medication

c) Obstructive sleep apnea (Snoring) – Almost 100% cure after surgery
d) Lowered cholesterol levels – reduction in cholesterol lowering medication is possible post surgery

Economic Benefits

Bariatric surgery is cost effective in the long run. This is because patient starts saving money after surgery as there is reduced or no requirement of long term medications for obesity and diabetes related illnesses. He or she can lead a more productive and a disease free active life.

In short Bariatric surgery can be a cure for a majority of people struggling with diabetes and obesity. It also can be a complete cure for obesity related conditions like snoring (sleep apnea) and PCOS. It saves lives and money for patients fighting obesity and its associated problems.



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