Who should undergo Bariatric surgery
By Dr. Tom Babu, MD, DNB (Endo)| 0 Comments

Obesity is a disease and has to be managed (like we manage other diseases). It is the common soil on which life style disorders like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases grow.  It is one of the fastest growing epidemics in our urban landscape (30-40% of the general population). It is predicted that the coming decades will see obesity and related problems explode on our faces. The only cure for people suffering from more severe forms of obesity is Bariatric surgery. This marvel by modern medicine has helped scores of people to be cured of obesity across the globe.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is,whose BMI is over 33 (in Asians) and 35 (in caucasians) suffering from the following risk factors

1) Diabetes or hypertension
2) People at risk for heart attacks
3) Who snore when they sleep (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)
4) Damaged (osteoarthritis) of  knee and hip joints
5) Varicose veins and venous
6) Women with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (which leads to infertility)
7) Fatty liver disease
8) Suffering from low self esteem on account of obesity
9) Who find it to impossible to exercise (due to various reasons)

People with BMI over 38 (in Asians) and 40 (in Caucasian) should consider Bariatric surgery with out any of the above mentioned risk factors

The choice of the Bariatric Procedure ( Gastric Sleeve versus Gastric Bypass Surgery) will depend on several factors

a) Body Mass Index
b) Diabetes Status ( duration, insulin requirement, etc)
c) Patient's choice


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