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Sexual health is a broad area that encompasses many inter-related challenges and problems. Sexual health concerns are life situations that can be addressed through education about sexuality and society-wide actions in order to promote the sexual well-being of individuals. A sexologist is a specialist in the field of sexology, who as part of his training is well versed in various aspects of sexology including handling sexual dysfunctions, myths and relationship problems.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects 30% of all men above the age of 40 years and its prevalence steadily increases with age. Most of the time patients do not know whom to consult for their sex problems and are often cheated by unqualified quacks. At Silverline Hospital we are specialized in erectile dysfunction treatment. We have an expert team of Sexologists who can help the patients restore their sex life to normal.

Why Choose Silverline for consulting a Sexologist
At Silverline we want all patients to be well informed and educated about their health care, from treatment plans to the services provided for treating their health concerns, as every patient has the right to good physical health, mental health and sexual health to lead a fulfilling life. You can find the best Sexologists and Andrologists in Kerala at our hospital who always provide the highest standard of sexual and mental health care. We can say that we are really proud of our treatments in Erectile Dysfunction, we have also integrated the latest technologies in the ED treatment including Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Waves Therapy.

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