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Disorders of Sexual Differentiation

How are these problems diagnosed
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Some disorders of sex development can be diagnosed in the baby at birth as noticeable signs like undescended testicles or an abnormal genitalia. When this occurs, further testing may be required to identify problems that need to be immediately treated. A wide range of diagnosing procedures are available in Silverline Hospital, Kochi. We conduct following tests for diagnosing DSD:

USG imaging of gonads

Urinary steroid profiling

Hormonal testing in blood

Genetic studies in some cases
At Silverline Hospital, we are devoted to providing the finest and latest DSD treatments to our patients. Our team comprises specialists in surgery, endocrinology, urology, radiology, clinical psychology, and nursing. When our endocrinologists suspect DSD, stepwise approach is undertaken with ultrasound to look for gonads, blood karyotype to look for the genetic constitution and another hormonal workup. You can blindly trust us for the best treatment and we make sure that you are getting the correct treatment for your present condition so that you can quickly come back to your older healthier life.


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