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Disorders of Puberty

How are these problems treated?
diabetes, thyroid and endocrinology treatment in Kochi

Treatment for pubertal disorders is individualised based on cause and symptom of the disorder. At Silverline hospital, Kochi we offer inexpensive treatment for pubertal disorders. Our dedicated doctors and medical staffs work collectively to get you a better quality treatment. We have the best endocrinologists, who identify the cause and treat accordingly. Our treatment strategies may comprise:

  • Regular checkups and observation alone to monitor pubertal progress
  • Hormone therapy for initiation and maintenance of puberty
  • Surgery – for anatomical corrections if necessary
  • Counselling for helping children and their families to easily deal with their social, physical and emotional challenges

Silverline Hospital, Kochi offers the best healthcare system wherein advanced diagnosis and treatments for curing the pubertal disorders are done on par with international standards and we are focused to upsurge the confidence of patients with our quality treatments. Our experts comprise of recognized and reputed  endocrinologists, gynaecologists, psychologists, counsellors, dietician and nursing staffs. So, if you or your children are diagnosed with the pubertal disease or when your body shows certain symptoms, don’t waste your time, you can visit our hospital, for the best health care.

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