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Adrenal Disorders

How is it treated
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Adrenal deficiencies are carefully treated mostly with hormones therapy. Persons with adrenal deficiency need instant treatment. Any delay in the treatment and care can cause death. People with adrenal crisis present with unconsciousness or vomiting and cannot consume medication. In this situation, adrenal hormones can be given as an injection. So a person with adrenal deficiency should always carry a corticosteroid injection. The dose of corticosteroid injection needed may vary in age and size of a person. For example,

  • A child younger than 2 years of age can receive 25 mg
  • A child between 2 and 8 years of age can receive 50 mg
  •  A child older than 8 years should receive the adult dose of 100 mg.

Treatment of excessive production of adrenal hormones depends on the source of the cortisol overproduction of the diseases. Treatment may contain surgical removal of the tumour of the gland or removing the adrenal gland(s) itself if required. When external steroid usage is found out as the cause of the disease, gradual tapering, and steroid avoidance may be recommended. Deficiencies of adrenal hormones are treated carefully with hormones. Excess production usually requires surgery followed by lifelong follow-up.
Silverline Hospital, Kochi offer inexpensive treatment modalities including surgical and hormone replacement. We are equipped with young, talented, dedicated doctors and supporting staffs who collectively work together to deliver patients with the supreme level of treatment for adrenal disorders and bring them back to the normal life.


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