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Obesity in Children
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Obesity is the most common lifestyle disorder in childhood. It is a condition where excess fat gets accumalated in the body due to genetic, environmental and social causes adversely affecting the health of a child. Childhood obesity acts as a precursor to type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, hypertension, liver disease, renal disease, reproductive dysfunction and lipid related problems. The most common reasons for childhood obesity are lack of proper physical activities, unhealthy food style, combination of both, certain genetic diseases or certain hormonal excesses.
The cumulative effect of diet and activity of a child plays a significant role in determining their weight. Most of the children have the habit of sitting inactive or idle while watching television, working on the computer or playing video games. Simultaneously, unhealthy, easily available and tasty junk food adds on to the unburned fat leading to obesity. In Silverline Hospital, at our obesity clinic there is positive reinforcement by our Psycologist, modulation of physical activities by Physiotherapist, calorie restricted diet guidance by Nutritionist. This team is headed by our team of Endocrinologists who oversee the progress of our patients and prescribe weight loss drugs if necessary.
Physical exam and blood tests are used to diagnose medical conditions that may lead to obesity. Though obesity which runs in families, it is usually due to some common family traits like unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. In some rare cases, obesity can be caused due to genetic and endocrine disorders.


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