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Pituitary Disorders

Symptoms of pituitary disease
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Abnormal growth (tumour) in the pituitary gland are called pituitary neoplasm. Some neoplasms produce excessive hormones whereas some do not. It can cause a wide variety of symptoms and signs related to the hormone they secrete.
Symptoms for the excess production of hormones
• Height Gain
• Enlargement of extremities
• Milk secretion from breast
• Infertility
• Weight loss or gain
• Tremors
• Palpitations
• Bruises
• Stretch marks which are pink in colour
• Muscle weakness
Symptoms for the Deficiency states of hormones
• Short Stature
• Weight gain
• Reduced sodium levels in blood
• Failure to attain puberty
• Infertility
• Shock
• Hypotension


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