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Disorders of Puberty

When to consult Endocrinologist?
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Puberty is recognised as the stage of life when the body starts to develop and change into mature adult. Neglect due to misconception that disorders of puberty will subside on its own and lack of openness in discussion with the children are the important hurdle in diagnosing and henceforth treating these disorders.

Every parent has queries about the normality of pubertal growth and menstrual features of their children. The following rough landmarks can help you to decide when to reach us. 

  • Any amount of breast development or pubic hair before 8 yrs in girls and genital enlargement or pubic hair before 9 yrs in boys
  • Absence of genital enlargement by 14-18 yrs in boys
  • An absence of breast development or pubic hair by 13 yrs and menses by 16 yrs
  • More than five years gap between the breast development and menstruation


Did you notice the above symptoms in your child? Then you can immediately consult the expert Endocrinologists at Silverline Hospital, Kochi. We are fully equipped with the proficient team of experienced endocrinologists. We guarantee you that we can treat you with finest treatment procedures and methods without compromising health quality.

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