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Silverline Hospital offers the best in diabetic foot care through a well equipped department. We have the latest equipment and the best facilities to diagnose and treat complicated diabetic foot problems. Many patients suffering from diabetic foot infections have benefited from this department and many feet have been saved.

The department is equipped with the most modern diagnostic facilities for foot care. Some of these are mentioned below :

  • Biothesiometer to check sensation of feet.
  • Foot doppler to check the blood circulation.
  • Infra red thermometer.
  • Ankle brachial index – blood pressure over the feet.
  • Pedopodogram (RF Scan) to map out the pressure points.
  • Prophylactic and Custom made diabetic foot wear.

Musculoskeletal manifestations are very common in patients with a history of Diabetes or thyroid disorders. Silverline Hospital is equipped with a full-fledged Physiotherapy department. This department is designed to provide latest treatment modalities including the ultra modern Laser Therapy for pain relief and chronic wound healing. Physiotherapy plays an important role in managing and treating obesity. Our Physiotherapy Department is the corner stone in helping our obese patients with exercise and life style modification (as a part of medical management of obesity) . Our Physiotherapy department has developed an exercise protocol for patients after Bariatric/ Weight loss surgery. This has proven to be very effective in expediting the weight loss in these patients.

Medical nutrition

We aim at setting new standards in medical nutrition in order to encourage healthy lifestyle changes

Key features

Patient centered counseling sessions.

  • Preparation of individualised diet plans for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Disease specific diet plan (Example: for Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol abnormalities, Obesity, etc)
  • Nutrition education to patients through virtual explanations using food models.
Diabetes Education Programs

Silverline offers comprehensive diabetes self management education programs for patients and their families. Our Diabetes Nurse Educator will educate our patients on practical tips towards living well with diabetes. She/ he also will train those on insulin therapy regarding proper insulin technique. We are a certified pump center for insulin pump initiation and our well-trained insulin pump team will help in insulin pump deployment and in its education. We have successfully deployed insulin pumps in large number of diabetic patients who are under follow-up with us. They have access to our diabetes nurse educator and to the rest diabetes care team at all times.


A department designed towards providing regular screening and preventive eye care for our diabetic patients. The department is appropriately equipped with a range of modern equipment to study the eye in detail. We also have an advanced camera to capture the images in the eye so that these pictures can be used to educate our diabetic patients on their eyes.


Diabetics are at a greater risk of developing gum infections. Treating these infections is an important part of Diabetes management. Our department of dentistry is equipped with the latest to provide comprehensive dental care for our diabetic patients.


Diabetic patients have a 4 fold increase in risk for cardiac diseases. Our Cardiology department helps us to identify diabetics with cardiac disease early to facilitate early intervention. Our department is fully equipped (Echo, TMT, Pharmacological Cardiac Stress test) to aid us in making a correct diagnosis. A certified Cardiologist will see these patients for expert management of these patients.

Thyroid Clinic

A full-fledged thyroid clinic comprising an endocrinologist, thyroid/ endocrine surgeon, radiologist and a histopathologist function in our hospital. This is one of the few comprehensive thyroid clinics that function in Kochi (Kerala/ India).

The facilities available in this clinic are.

  • Full range of thyroid function tests (Blood test).
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid.
  • USG guided FNAC of the thyroid gland.
Obesity / Bariatric surgery

A panel involving an Endocrinologist, Bariatric/Weight loss surgeon, Nutritionist and Physiotherapist offer the latest in medical and surgical treatment of obesity.


The department of Urology at Silver line Hospital aims at offering services to diagnose and treat kidney stone disease through “STONE CLINIC”. Special attention is paid to the treatment of patients with sexual dysfunction.

  • Medicines at discounted rates.
  • 24hr helpline (pharmacist on call – 24 hours)
  • Availability of all prescribed medicines
Clinical Laboratory
  • Well equipped lab which (NABH certified)
  • Accurate and well validated reports

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