“I have been living with diabetes for 2 years. The care given to me at Silverline Hospital is beyond compare. My blood sugars are very well controlled with bare minimum medication. I follow regular physical activity and diet as advised by my diabetes specialists at Silverline Hospital. This hospital is surely the best diabetes hospital in Kerala with leading diabetologist in Kochi. Thanks to all the doctors and staff of this great hospital for keeping me in great shape..”
Mr. D M Pillai
“Silverline Hospital recently played host to group of Kiwis from New Zealand. 5 of them ( Aroha Hicks, Kristle, Michelle, Katie Paul and Leigh) had successfully undergone bariatric surgery ( Gastric Sleeve Resection) at our hospital. Tiffany (Aroha’s daughter) and Kevin accompanied them. They carry wonderful memories of Silverline Hospital, Kerala and India back to New Zealand. .”
Group of Kiwis
New Zealand
“Peter Soleas from Australia and Carl Southall from New Zealand has recently undergone bariatric surgery at Silverline Hospital. They have been so charmed with Silverline Hospital and our country that they have brand ambassadors of India and want to come back with their families to Kerala and enjoy its true beauty soon. See you soon Peter and Carl.”
Peter Soleas & Carl Southall
Australia & New Zealand
“56 years old from Australia swears by the truly high standards of health care at Silverline Hospital. She recently got her bariatric surgery done at our hospital and has returned back to Australia with a lot of wonderful memories of Silverline Hospital and India. .”
Mrs. Traccey Edwards
“Miss. Nathacia Adoley Pappoe from Accra (Ghana) had undergone bariatric surgery successfully at Silverline Hospital. She was swept away by the high standards of health care at Silverline Hospital. She feels that more people should come from Ghana to India for medical care. Silverline feels proud to be a part of this growth story in health care unfolding in our country. Jai Hind .”
Miss. Nathacia Adoley Pappoe
Accra, Ghana
“Kahira Morris from New Zealand was struggling with diabetes and obesity. Her blood sugar levels had refused to come down even with a lot of medication. She decided to become internally healthy by getting her bariatric surgery done at Silverline Hospital, Kochi. She successfully went through the surgery and is completely free of diabetes today. In her own words, “it is miraculous”. She is currently not on any diabetes medicine whatsoever. .”
Kahira Morris
New Zealand
“As soon as I entered the facility, it felt very welcoming – very clean and hygienic. All the staff we have met have been very co-operative, helpful and efficient. The Doctors explain everything fully, answers all queries. A Specialty diabetes hospital in Kerala with modern facilities, that runs smoothly.”
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Thurlow
“I'm Linda Groennevik Ninan. I'm close to 49 years old. I'm Norwegian by citizenship. Married to an Indian man and live in Dubai. I'm the Director of Gray Matter Publications. The reason why I chose to do a Bariatric Sleeve Surgery was because of the health situation. I come from a family where most of them are proned for diabetes. That is something I really wanted to avoid. So that is the main reason why I chose to do this. To get something which is more permanent. Because I have tried several times with different dice which has not been working at all. And other reason why I chose to do a Bariatric Surgery was also because I was very moody, tired. I had lot of headaches. I felt big, clumsy. I wanted to be in in myself I was a thin person. But the outer was not matching. How I identified Silverline was simply by browsing in different places both in UAE and in India. I read the comments that people had in the reviews and everything that everyone has sent and I have done already. My experience with Silverline Hospital has been tremendously good. I had only good experience. It has been nothing bad. I've been very well taken care of. From day 1 until now almost 10 months back since I had the surgery. Six months of the surgery, I've actually reached my target. I've lost 25kgs and I'm happy and I am where I want to be today. I couldn't have done it without the help from my family, my friends and also ofcourse people from Silverline Hospital. I went from 82kgs and a BMI of 33 downed to 57kgs and a BMI of 22, which is normal. So I'm very very happy, that the people are following up from the hospital side. And even when I have approached them for something, they have answered back. So it's been tremendously a good experience for me. I would highly recommend because of what I have seen with my own eyes. Its a clean environment and everything is taken care of. I would like to thank Silverline, Dr. Tom Babu, Dr. Vivek, Jayan and everybody who has really been helpful and helped me through this procedure. I wouldn't have done it without your help..”
Linda Groennevik Ninan
Dubai, UAE
“Hi, I’m Daleema, a professional singer. I was diagnosed for Thyroid Disease a couple of months back. I happened to visit this hospital, and was treated for the same. I’m now cured completely. I would obviously say this Silverline is more than a hospital, because the care and love given before and after the thyroid surgery is just great..”
Professional Devotional Singer
“My name is Russell Hunter and I'm from Rotorua, New Zealand. And I've come here for the Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Dr. Tom Babu. Main reason for my health, as things weren't going well with my health, with my heart and blood pressure. Actually it's not easier that I actually thought. Silverline experience has been awesome. For me personally its been a journey to come out of my shell to do the surgery with Silverline. Its been hard, but its been well worth it. And they focus on the patients and its top-notch for me. They are awesome and its been an awesome experience. For me now, been here and done it. I'm on the way to recovery. I feel great. If anyone's out there watching it and there's thoughts. When you talk to Dr. Tom Babu, he'll talk to you about how it is. Its just friendly to talk to the surgeons, doctors and nurses. Everyone here is friendly. The whole team work together. Its really friendly and as welcoming. And even though I'm from the other side of the world, I just feel at home. Its my first time to India. I'm really happy. .”
Russell Hunter
Rotorua, New Zealand
“Had my Thyroid surgery at Silverline Hospital, Kochi. It was really a great experience for me. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the care provided for me by the nurses and supporting staff. I want to give a special thank you to Dr. Tom Babu. He is the best endocrinologist and his innovative approach to the surgery made all the procedures very comfortable. If you have any type thyroid issues, I highly recommend Silverline Hospital and Dr.Tom Babu. .”
Mrs.Samiya Salim
“I wanted to take this opportunity to take moment to comment on the great experience we had at Silverline Hospital, Kochi. The experience from start to finish was a delight. My daughter wanted to have a "Gastric Sleeve Resection" and we considered multiple locations but chose Silverline Hospital due to the price, location and reviews. The hospital itself is a modern facility and is clean and comfortable. The staff is nice and pleasant and handled our questions well. Dr. Tom Babu (the head of the bariatric unit) was very patient with our questions and was extremely knowledgeable. I felt confident that our surgery was going to be handled well. Mr. Tinu John (Hospital Manager) was awesome. He ensured that we were well-taken care off. All our transportation from and to the airport was taken care off even-though we landed and took off after midnight. With a 5 Star Hotel (Olive Downtown) down the street, we were able to easily visit my daughter during her post op recovery process. Mrs. Jane (Bariatric Coordinator) was very diligent, responsive and helpful during the arrangement of the surgery. All in all a top-notch experience, staff and hospital..”
Mr. Kenon Owens, Singapore
Father of Miss. Micaella Owens
“I am Humaira Kudage, 26 years from Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep. My weight started creeping up from 80 kilos to 118 kilos in 2010 and then to 168 kilos (following delivery). I was aware of the fact that it was my life style ( rich food and lack of exercise) was responsible for my weight gain. I met Dr. Tom Babu (the consultant Endocrinologist at Silverline Hospital) who put me on diet and exercise regimen along with oral weight loss medication. I lost about 10 kilos on his treatment but could not adhere to the change in my life style for long. I subsequently started gaining my weight back. This is when Dr. Tom Babu and his team of Doctor's gave me an option of bariatric surgery. I discussed this with my husband who encouraged me to go ahead with the surgery. I was then referred to Dr. Vivek Baliga who is the Bariatric Surgeon at Silverline Hospital. He detailed the types of bariatric surgery procedures done at Silverline Hospital. He also told me that "the Gastric Sleeve Resection" would be the ideal procedure in my case. I went through the surgery in October 2015. It was much simpler than I thought. The team at Silverline Hospital under the leadership of Dr. Tom Babu took great care of me. I was discharged on the 3rd postoperative day. I have lost 70 kilos since surgery (in a span of 8 months). Thank you Silverline Hospital for letting me live gain..”
Humaira Kudage
Minicoy Island,Lakshadweep
“I am Allen Romeo, hailing from Vallarpadam, Kochi. I am currently doing my bachelors in commerce at Bangalore. I had been living with obesity since I was a child (I am 18 years now) . I lost my father very early on in life which had contributed to my unhealthy eating habits. I was cared for mainly by my grandparents who used to pamper me a lot with snacks and fast food. I am a person who is mostly into computers and music and not an out door person. About a year ago, my weight touched 200 Kilos (my BMI was 70). This is when my uncle introduced us to Silverline Hospital, Kochi who are pioneers in Bariatric surgery in this part of Kerala. My Grandparents and I visited this hospital to learn more about the procedure. I was impressed with briefing given to me by D. Tom Babu who is the Chief Endocrinologist and Dr. Vivek, the Bariatric Surgeon who gave us a video presentation on the topic. My family and I decided to get the surgery done at Silverline Hospital. I underwent the operation on 7-4-2015 successfully. The recovery after surgery was smooth and much simpler than I expected under the expert guidance of Dr. Tom and team. I was discharged on the third day from surgery. I have lost 75 kilos since surgery and am in terrific shape. I would like to thank Team Silverline for letting me live again.”
Allen Romeo
Allen Before & After Surgery
“Mrs Alverta from New Zealand who had bariatric surgery ( Gastric Sleeve Resection) at Silverline Hospital. She had a wonderful experience losing weight and gaining her life back..”
Mrs Alverta New Zealand
Bariatric Surgery Success Story
“Changing lives forever with Weight Loss Surgery. Mrs. Nicola Woods from Australia after the surgery at Silverline Hospital..”
Mrs. Nicola Woods, Australia
Bariatric Surgery Success Story
“Greeting from New Zealand. I am Faizal Ali from Aukland, New Zealand. I want to share the wonderful experience I had at Silverline Hospital, Kochi. I had decided on going ahead with the bariatric surgery since I had a weight issue (my BMI was 50). I had tried everything in my power (crash diets, long work out in the gym, herbal medication), but nothing worked. I was suffering from blood pressure which was getting very difficult to control. This is when I started researching on low cost high quality bariatric surgery centres and I was introduced to Silverline Hospital, Kochi. Dr. Tom and team turned out to be the best. Their communication and protocol based approach is commendable. They had briefed me so clearly on the process that I had no problems understanding them even though I was afar. The procedure itself was much simpler than I anticipated and I was no my flight back to Aukland in no time. I am thankful to Dr. Tom Babu and team at Silverline Hospital for truly world class care given to me at a very affordable cost. .”
Mr. Faizal Ali
Aukland, New Zealand
“Hi, I’m Advt. Mathai Muthirenthy. I’m 63 yr. old and I used to weigh 139 kgs till 6 months ago. I had been plagued with Complications of Severe obesity like arthritis of both my knee joints, which made it difficult for me to carry on my job at the High Court. I also had difficulties in sleeping at night because of snoring and as a result of which I was falling asleep during the daytime. I was also recently detected to be a diabetic and hypertensive. It was at this time that I got to know about Silverline Hospital and their obesity programme. I read about Dr. Tom Babu’s profile on his website and I decided that I will consult Dr. Tom for my problems. After having a detailed discussion on obesity manifesting with my life, I was advised Bariatric / Weight loss surgery. It was a very simple process and I was discharged on the 3rd post-op day. I’m 92 kgs today and I’m experiencing a much much better life altogether today. Thanks to Dr. Tom and his team at Silverline, I’ve become the most dreaded Tiger at the High Court. Thanks to all at Silverline, I wish them all the very best..”
Advt. Mathai Muthirenthy
“This is Mr. Dudley Te Nahu from New Zealand. He had his bariatric surgery at our hospital. He was so excited about his weight loss. Even after leaving the hospital, he keeps in touch with us regularly regarding his progress..”
Mr. Dudley Te Nahu, New Zealand
Bariatric Surgery Success Story
“It is with great pleasure that I share my testimonial of my experience in Silverline hospital during August 2017. I am very grateful from the outset for the support and professionalism from Dr Tom Babu who was always available to discuss any issues I had regarding surgery prior to coming from New Zealand to Cochin, India and post-surgery. While in Silverline hospital I found the staff from the cooks and cleaners to the Surgeon and Specialists in their various fields to be very welcoming, pleasant, supportive and knowledgeable. I had a wonderful experience while in hospital in a foreign country and felt well looked after and safe and am thankful for that. I am now home safe, healing well and already people are noticing a difference (5 weeks post surgery today). May you all continue to do and be the best you are in your areas of expertise.”
Mrs. Daile Peni, New Zealand
Bariatric Surgery Success Story
“The care and the holistic treatment at Silver Line Hospital for Diabetes is a new and great experience for senior citizens like me. We get a good confidence from the medical assistance offered which is rare these days. Our genuine concerns are addressed with systematic and frequent follow ups. The staff at the Hospital are very courteous and always assist you at the various stages of the treatment. I wish the Silver Line Hospital all the best in the years to come..”
Mr. Balasubramanian,
“Thank you Silverline Hospital! I was admitted to Silverline Hospital for carbuncle over the nape of my neck arising out of uncontrolled Diabetes. I always fondly remember names of Dr. Tom Babu (the Chief Diabetologist and Endocrinologist), Dr. Bhatt ( Plastic and Podiatry Surgeon) and other members of this great hospital. They made we well again from my severe condition which I was suffering from. Whenever I go to Kerala, I always visit Silverline Hospital which in my view is the best Diabetes Hospital in India I being a Kolkotian, tell my people that if you have a serious diabetes related illness you must go to Silverline Hospital (Kerala's best Diabetes and Endocrinology Hospital where the Doctors and the staff take such loving care of you. Thanks again to Dr. Tom Babu, the chief Diabetologist and Endocrinologist at Silverline Hospital..”
Jayanta KR Pushilal
3/B Mahesh Barick Lane Kolkata, West Bengal - 7000011
“Hi, i’m Johnsy Antony, and I’ve been struggling with Obesity for the last 2 decades. As a result of Severe Obesity (weight 116 kg, BMI 38 kg/msq), I’ve been plagued with problems like severe knee pain, snoring in bed at night and feeling lethargic during the day (because of lack of sleep at night). My self esteem was low because of my severe weight problems. I had the fortune of being referred to Silverline Hospital, a hospital that specialises in treating weight problems. I met up with Dr. Tom Babu, the Chief Endocrinologist at Silverline Hospital and he gave me the confidence to undergo Bariatric Surgery which I was told was the only cure for my condition. I had full faith in the doctor and hence I decided to go through with the procedure. The actual procedure was much simpler than that of what I imagined. I was discharged on the 3rd day and got back to my routine life on the 5th day itself. Now I’ve lost 40 kilos in 3 months and I’m a totally changed man today. Every time I go to my tailor, I’m overjoyed to see my waist size drop and my current waist size is 36 inches from what was 44 inches originally. I wish Dr. Tom and team at Silverline Hospital all the very best and carry on the crusade against obesity. I wish that many more people who are suffering from obesity benefit from Silverline Hospital..”
Mr. Johnsy Antony
“I am Ahmed Kabeer hailing from Chavakkad, Thrissur District, Kerala. I am 55 years old and currently residing at Muscat. I would like to thank Silverline Hospital which in my view the best hospital in Kerala for bariatric surgery. I have lost 42 kilos after undergoing Gastric Sleeve Resection at Silverline Hospital. My diabetes and hypertension have been cured (used to be a twice daily insulin requiring almost a total daily dose of 70 units). I don't need to take any medication now. I live life with gusto and it is like being born again. Special thanks to Dr. Tom Babu (Chief Endocrinologist) and his team at Silverline Hospital for taking excellent care of me and making me live again..”
Mr. Ahmed Kabeer
“Hey, I had researched extensively on bariatric surgery (for almost 2 years) before deciding to get it done at Silverline Hospital. I wanted to get it done at the best hospital and with the best doctor and so I chose Silverline Hospital. I was impressed with their quality and promptness of communication. The staff of this hospital are all well trained in patient care down to their non medical staff (AC mechanics, etc). The doctors and paramedical staff are very friendly and do a commendable job in taking care of their patients. My diabetes which I had living with (was on insulins) have vanished completely immediately after my surgery. I am very grateful to team Silverline for taking such good care of me and making me live..”
Tom Callaghan,
“I am Bhanumathy O.R, aged 60. Even with 4 times of insulin a day, my fasting blood sugar level didn’t come down from 450 . Then I heard about this marvelous Silverline Hospital, Center for Diabetes,Thyroid and Endocrinology and approached them. Dr.Tom Babu advised me about the Bariatric surgery as my body was resisting insulin because of the deposition of fat on my stomach. I was 71.5kgs, which was 23kgs morethan the normal BMI. So I decided with the support of my family to go with the doctor’s advice. The surgery went really well and I didn’t feel much difficulties after the surgery in the recovery period. I could recover soon with the utmost care and affection of the staff of Silverline Hospital which provided me with a homely atmosphere. I had the surgery in October 2011 and now by May 2012 my blood sugar level is below 100 mg/dl with a very small dosage of insulin taken at night only. My weight is now 56.7kgs. I am extremely thankful to the Dr. Tom Babu for advising me about Bariatric surgery and I am completely satisfied with the Silverline Hospital as my life is really easy compared to the life before the surgery..”
Bhanumathy O.R.
“Hi, My name is Jeryn Mathew and I was obese for nearly 10 years. Despitethe diet or the workout, I’ve never lost any substantial amount of weight. Then I had the good fortune of being referred to Silverline Hospital. I was about 120kgs when I met Dr. Tom and his team. The actual surgery itself was a trivial matter, as it was over in an hour or so. I was released soon after and was able to return to my regular activities. Since the surgery, I have lost about 30 kgs. More than the appearance, I have a new energy about myself and my outlook. I used to have knee problems which used to affect my workout. I used to be lethargic and tired at or after work. But not anymore! I believe the greatest achievement through the surgery was not just the weight-loss, but the fact that I feel a lot more alive, confident and energetic than ever before. So I would like to thank Silverline Hospital and their team of talented and dedicated specialists for all they have done for me, and wish them all the best for their future..”
Jeryn Mathew
“Myself testimonials 1 Mr. Vishnu Das, 23 years old hailing from Pathinamithitta Distirct, Kerala. I would like to share my experience at Silverline Hospital, Kochi. We arrived at Silverline Hospital on 27th November, 2015 for Bariatic Surgery. Surgery (Gastric Sleeve Resection) per se was done on 28th November 2015. On arrival, I weighed 158Kg (BMI 48.8). On 1st December (2 days after surgery), my weight reduced to 153 Kg. I had a good experience form the team of doctors and staff at Silverline Hospital who provided excellent care and services. The ambience at this hospital is very modern and hygienic. As a whole I would say that the whole package at this hospital was very good.I came here after a search on the web about the different hospitals offering Bariatric surgery for Obesity. I got to understand that Silverline hospital has a good reputation and good team, so I have chose this hopsital for my surgery..”
Vishnu Das
“In early March 2015,I made contact with Dr Tom Babu regarding bariatric surgery (a weight loss/ bariatric surgery) that I was considering. In my early dealings with Dr Tom, I was impressed with his prompt response to my initial inquiry and subsequent mails with both he and his practice manager Mr Tinu John. When the information I received from Dr Tom backed up the over view from my Perth G.P, the confidence that I had found the right doctor for my problem (obesity) increased. My dealings wth various members of his team furthered that view. I committed to surgery at this point telling him I would be in Kochi (Kerala/ India) by month’s end. All necessary preparations for my arrival were handled seamlessly by his staff and I arrived some three weeks later. On admission I was immediately impressed by the layout of a modern building, the friendly staff and the level of hygiene. Following a morning’s consultation with his assembled specialists, any remaining doubt had vanished.I felt that i was in good hands, so to speak. I had previously under gone surgery in both Australia and New Zealand. I found the calibre of the professional team at Silverline Hospital unrivalled.The duty of care from the nursing staff was first class backed up by the domestic as well. I am now well on the way to recovery with all expectations met. With this in mind, I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Dr Tom and his team to any one considering Bariatric/ weight loss surgery in India. A cost effective, quality product ! There is inherent risk in choosing a facility from afar. It is only natural that misgivings may exist. Indeed, perhaps wise. In my personal case, things couldn’t have turned out any better. Silverline has my contact details and I would be more than happy to respond to personal queries or any concerns you may have regarding what is of course a massive decision..”
Mr. Vance Wilburn,
Perth, Western Australia
“Myself Nivea, aged 21, had got a chance to visit Silverline Hospital Kadavanthra for a complicated thyroid. First and foremost I would like to say that I was extremely privileged to get the service of one of the most finest thyroid hospitals in Kochi. Silverline gives a new definition to a hospital. It is well equipped with the most sophisticated technologies and has best qualified thyroid doctors. But more than the medicine or treatment what makes this hospital unique from others is the amount of care that we receive from the faculty. The behavior of the doctors and the assisting staff makes us feel special. Their positive attitude makes a patient feel really comfortable. I felt that they have a passion for their work and they take risks in order to better the human kind. It was indeed a great pleasure and I was totally satisfied with their service. Keep going to bring about a better tomorrow..”
Ms. Nivea
“I’m Rasheeda Shafeek, 38 years old from Fort Kochi, Chullikal. I had been struggling with severe obesity (weight; 113.8 kgs and BMI 49.39 kg/m²) since the last 5 years. I used to live in Muscat and I moved to Kochi 6 months ago. I was very obsessed with my obesity. I had made many consultations in the past and had decided on bariatric surgery as a solution to my problems. I then came across Silverline Hospital, Kochi, the best hospital for bariatric surgery in Kerala. I am very glad that I came to the safe hands of the staffs and doctors of Silverline Hospital. I had a very pleasant stay at the hospital. I can’t believe that I’ve had a surgery done. The doctors and nurses are very kind and caring. It’s been 1 day since I had my surgery. I don’t feel any troubles in me and am keeping good health. All thanks to the staffs and doctors of Silverline Hospital..”
“This is Mr. Oneal from. He had his bariatric surgery at Silverline hospital. He had a wonderful experience with the weight loss surgery at our hospital..”
Kochi, Kerala
““I take this opportunity to profusely thank you and your great team for the unblemished service which you render to the humanity for which i am living testimony . The personal care in treatment which i am getting for last two years is something unique in my 25 years hospital experience as a diabetic patient. My problem of calcinosis Cutis (arising out of severe diabetic neuropathy) a rare phenomenon which had not been diagnosed even by the leading diabetic institutes of India and was possible only with your good selves deep personal involvement and passion and the subsequent line of treatment which started yielding result is still unbelievable to me and my family. Our special regards goes to all working in the hospital as your vision and attitude has been well percolated down to the rank and file which reflect in their care & service towards all of us. My very special gratitude to Dr.Krishna Bhat, a great surgeon with a magic of golden touch who console a lot of aggrieved patients every day. I wish You and the great team a lot of best wishes and a belated happy, prosperous and healthy new year.” Regards,.”
Subramanian V
Senior Area Manager/ Star Health and Allied Insurance co ltd / central kerala / Area office / Kochi.
“I take this opportunity to profusely thank you and your great team for the unblemished service which you render to the humanity for which i am living testimony..”