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Disorders of Sexual Differentiation

What are the treatments available
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Treatments for the child with DSD begins by reassuring the family that their child will return to the normal social life and they would become an active member of society. Treatment depends on the cause and symptoms of the disorder in patients. At Silverline Hospital, you will get the right treatment for your dysfunction. Our treatment strategies includes:
• Replacement of deficient hormones medically
• Surgical correction of genitals with parental consultation
• Sex reversion surgeries if needed
• Counselling for helping the girl child and her family to easily deal with the psychological and emotional challenges of disorders of sexual differentiation
At Silverline Hospital, Kochi DSD is best managed by the experts of healthcare providers. Our specialists include a, a psychiatrist, an endocrinologist, urologist, along with the primary care doctor. Our team of specialists will help the parent and child by providing the best medications and treatments.


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