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Bone and Parathyroid Disorders

Diagnosing bone related diseases
diabetes, thyroid and endocrinology treatment in Kochi

Are you searching for best Orthopaedics centre in Kerala?  At Silverline Hospital, Kochi, you can get best solutions for your bone-related diseases We offer the most comprehensive and finest health care systems, latest treatments, advanced diagnosing. Our expert team comprises of globally reputed surgeons, medical and rehabilitative specialists, physical and occupational therapists. We provide you with the following best diagnosing techniques to diagnose your bone-related disorders.
• Symptomatology – Evaluated by our team of endocrinologists, orthopedicians, physiotherapists
• Laboratory tests on urine, blood and other body fluids
• X-ray:  Displays injuries like fractures, arthritis, infections and further changes.
• Bone densitometry: For detecting osteoporosis and used to measures bone weight in the hips, arms 
• Hormonal Assays 
• Biopsy: Needle and open biopsy may be done if required


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