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Diagnosing curable hypertension
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Diagnosing curable hypertension is important, the diagnosing process includes various tests. Preliminary tests would be conducted for general health, complications related to hypertension and certain specific blood tests. Our doctors might later suggest that you screening hormonal blood tests.
When screening turns positive, there are specific hormonal assays, radiological procedures and nuclear medicine tests that pinpoint to diagnosis. Since various kidney conditions are related to secondary hypertension, so our doctors may suggest an ultrasound to look for the kidneys and its blood vessels. In rare cases, genetic tests are also conducted.
Following a correct diagnosis, a treatment plan is formulated based on the underlying condition. So you need to be under regular follow up and should follow a healthy lifestyle. Silverline Hospital, Kochi has various ultra-modern diagnostic techniques that can help our patients with a correct diagnosis. We aid our patients to lead a normal healthy life by keeping them under close monitoring.
Treatment modalities available:
A broad range of treatment modalities is available for hypertension.  They might be:
• Surgery to remove tumors in the adrenal gland.
• Adrenal specific medications that is given according to the cause.
• Minimally invasive surgery executed through the nostrils for removing tumors in the pituitary gland.
• Medication can be used to stop the higher hormonal productions.
• Hormone replacement.
• Vascular surgery or reconstruction for aortic and renal diseases.
Are you still looking for the best hypertension treatment hospitals in Kerala, you cannot think of a better treatment center than Silverline hospital, Kochi. Our dedicated doctors and supporting staff collectively work together to provide patients with the world’s top class treatments for hypertension and help them lead normal healthier lives .


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