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Pituitary Disorders

How are these diseases diagnosed
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Pituitary diseases sometimes go undiagnosed as their symptoms resemble other conditions and can also be nonspecific. To diagnose a pituitary disorder, the Endocrinologist relies importantly on a detailed history and examination of the patient. So, the clinical suspicion is important to properly diagnose the root cause of the disease. The patient may go through the following tests for identifying the diseases
• Blood and urine tests: Determine the effect of excess production or deficiency of hormones
• Brain imaging: MRI brain which can help the doctor to easily judge the size and position of the pituitary tumor.
• Vision testing. Used to determine whether the pituitary mass has impaired your peripheral vision or sight.
• Hormone levels: These are tested to find out whether the mass is producing hormones.
• Biopsy: Rarely can be used for a definite diagnosis of the suspicious pituitary mass
At Silverline hospital in Kochi, we are dedicated to provide the latest procedures and methods for diagnosing and evaluating pituitary dysfunction. We have expert Endocrinologists who can thoroughly examine patient’s symptoms, evaluate and then suggest suitable treatment.


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